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Heads of Divisions & Governing Body Members -Ramana Maharshi Centre for Learning

A.R.NatarajanA.R.Natarajan Founder-President,

After doing his M.A. and M.B.A., and graduating in Law, he joined the Indian Revenue Service and held several important posts in the Govt. of India. He had been active in the Ramana Movement from 1955 and had been the Founder-President of this Centre which was established as a non-profit heritage and cultural organization in 1979. He is the author, editor, compiler and translator of more than 50 books on the life and teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi. One of his most significant contributions to Ramana literature is a comprehensive biography on Bhagavan Ramana titled 'Timeless in Time'.

Smt.Sulochana NatarajanSmt.Sulochana Natarajan

She is a Member of the Governing Body and heads the Music Division, 'Ramananjali'. Under her leadership, more than 400 live programmes have been given in India and all over the world and 140 music cassettes have been recorded. She has also notated and set to music all the compositions of Bhagavan Ramana and those on him by Ganapati Muni and Muruganar and is the compiler of several Ramana Sangeetham books.


He had been a Member of the Governing Body from the inception. He was a distinguished educationist, having been the Principal of the Rishi Valley School in Andhra Pradesh and Director of the Valley School in Bangalore. He has been a Member of the Trust Board of Krishnamurthi Foundation for many years.

Veena Visalakshi

A famous vainika of her times, she was deeply devoted to Bhagavan Ramana and has played the veena several times in his presence. Imbued with great spirituality and an almost mystic silence and humility, she would sing to God for hours simultaneously playing on her veena. A versatile artiste and scholar she had translated and set to music several dance ballets for Rishi Valley school. She was one of the Founder Members of RMCL and a source of great strength.

Sri S.Krishnaswamy Sri S.Krishnaswamy

He is a Chartered Accountant in the forefront of his profession. He has also written a number of books for Chartered Accountants, which are extremely useful. As a Member of the Governing Body, he has always contributed original ideas for implementation of the objectives for which the Centre has been established. He is the Secretary of RMCL.

Dr.Sarada Natarajan Dr.Sarada Natarajan

She is a Ph.D in English, from the Gnana Bharathi, Bangalore University. She was awarded the doctorate degree on the basis of her thesis, 'Concept of Self: a Study in Comparative Literature'. She has dedicated herself to the work of creating greater awareness of the teachings of Ramana. She is the editor of the monthly journal, 'The Ramana Way' and author of the books ‘Ramana Way in Search of Self’, 'Surging Joy' and ‘Wondrous Vigilance’. She also heads the Cultural Wing of RMCL.Students Division and oversees the cultural activities section, particularly the production of dance ballets. Currently, she is the President of the organisation.

Dr.Ambika Kameshwar  Dr.Ambika Kameshwar

She is an M.A. in Sanskrit, an MPhil and Ph.D in Natya. She has exceptional talent both in the field of music and dance. She is an outstanding dancer in the fields of Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi. She is the Founder-Director, of Ramana Sunrityalaya Trust, working for children and adults with special needs and is the founder of the path-breaking methodology Theatre for Holistic Development. Her continuous contribution is to the growth of the dance division of the Centre by excellent choreography and presentations.


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