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"I am indeed very happy to hear that the Ramana Maharshi Centre for Learning, Bangalore, is bringing out a monthly :"RAMANA", to foster brotherhood among Ramana devotees. I am certain that the blessing of our Ramana devotees. I am certain wholly on this effort".

- T.N.Venkataraman, President, Ramanansramam

"I extend my blessings whole heartedly to 'RAMANA'. When people work together it is essential to keep alive the unifying bonds".

- K.Swaminathan, President, Ramana Kendra, New Delhi

"Blessings for the worthwhile effort".

- K.K.Nambiar, Chairman, Ramana Kendra, Madras

"I find it difficult to contain my happiness! Your family journal : "RAMANA', is indeed going to be a landmark in the Ramana Movement".

- V.Ganesan, Managing Editor, "The Mountain Path".

"The heritage of India is enriched with numberless saints and yogis. Ramana Maharshi represents that tradition and his spiritual greatness is guiding millions of people. Such masters light the path and bring solace to suffering humanity."

- The Dalai Lama, November 5, 1965

"I had the opportunity of seeing Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi on a few occasions. He seemed to me to be the most authentic saint in our tradition. He kindled the spark of spirit in many people and helped many to attain the spiritual mysticism"

- Dr. Radahakrishnan, President of India

"GOD WHO BECAME FLESH - For contemporary humanity, the life of Sri Ramana made the Unseen a living reality, the Unknown a conscious experience. In him God became flesh; the Truth found its fullest expression; the Self manifested itself in all its completeness. This great end is awaiting every being. Sri Ramana  is the spiritual destiny of every man. Self – expression by self enquiry and Self knowledge is the meaning and goal of all conscious life. Sri Ramana is the Call Divine. He calls every aspirant unto himself, unto his perfection, unto his realization. As a seeker he struck the path, trod it, reached the divine destination, became what  he beheld at that End; brought its beauties into earthly life and shared his infinite peace and joy with millions  of souls grouping in phenomenal ignorance, sorrow and sickness. May Sri Ramana’s divine grace descend upon everyone, more and yet more abundantly, to effect Self – illumination here and now."

- Swami Shivananda of Rishikesh


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