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Cultural Heritage Yoga Bharatanatyam Classical Music Painting and craft Value Education


Special value-based themes:

Each of the camps has a special value-based theme based on which children get their inputs. Some of the themes covered so far are Precious Earth, Love for All, Treasures from Waste, One Consciousness, among others.

Extensive Content:

In each camp all the children are given basic inputs in music, chanting, story telling, dance, drama and arts and crafts.

A unique feature – an opportunity to perform:

Every Camp at RMCL concludes with a valedictory function for the camp where each of the children are given an opportunity to exhibit their talents.

Age Group:

Another special feature of RMCL Camps is that children as young as 4 years of age are allowed to participate. The age group for the camps is 4-14 years.

Summer Camp 1

In the month of April (Two weeks). About 200 children are trained annually in this camp.

Summer Camp 2

In the month of May (Three weeks) About 200 children are trained annually in this camp. In this Camp specialisation and advanced programs are also offered in each of the courses.

Winter Camp

In the month of October/November (Two weeks) About 100 children are trained annually in this camp.

Special Camps

Rural Camps

Two day camps are conducted, especially in rural areas to give a taste of the rich cultural experience. The number of children in these camps could be a maximum of 100.

Theme Camps

On request RMCL would conduct two day/three day/ one week camps for other organizations/institutions/schools.

Those interested may mail us to: Ms. Uma Co-ordinator, Students Division


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