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Bhagawan Sri Ramana Maharshi

The most celebrated spiritual luminary in recent times is Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, a pathfinder for all times. As a boy of 16, he attained immortality through 'Self realisation'. At this tender age he left the comforts of his home for Arunachala, Tiruvannamalai. His spiritual ministration in the body continued at this one place till his Mahanirvana in April 1950 at the age of 71. Known as Bhagavan, Maharshi, and Ramana, he was constantly aware of his oneness with the rest of life.

In today's world, in-spite of phenomenal growth in material comforts there seems to be an identity crisis within oneself leading to dissatisfaction and unhappiness. Sri Ramana's teaching during the course of his spiritual ministration, spanning six decades, is most relevant not only for contemporary life but also for the 21st Century and future generations.

Spiritual Guidance

The notable feature of his teachings is the fact that knowledge was imparted more through his pervading silence and penetrating eyes and less through words and speech. Even here, he followed the principle of kindling the mind of the seekers to ask questions common to most of us. These were answered in simple language with direct relevance to experience, whether the questioner be from abroad or from any part of India.

The essence of his teachings is that happiness is natural to each one of us. It is inherent, the common property of all. Though the real nature of each being is happiness, due to identification of the mind with external objects the very essence is totally camouflaged. To know the true Self the compassionate Maharshi propounded the simple technique of self-enquiry. Self-enquiry backed by Bhagavan's guidance leads to the discovery of the spontaneously joyous, peaceful, silent mind.


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