RMCL’s Self-enquiry workshops since 1990

The teachings of Ramana Maharshi are universal in nature and applicable to one and all without any boundaries whatsoever. The teachings fulfill the imminent need of the hour to find one’s moorings and an anchorage in peace in today’s life smitten with anxiety and stress. They transcend barriers of creed, age, gender and all socio-economic differences. As they pertain to the search for and experience of one’s own true nature they do not require any prior qualification or training.

The expertise

As the teachings of Ramana provide a simple and direct answer to each and all of the problems facing modern man, RMCL has found it to be one of its core duties to facilitate an understanding and experiencing of his path of self-enquiry. With a view to fulfill this purpose the Centre has been conducting multiple workshops every year on self-enquiry from the year 1990. There is no doubt that the workshops are useful to one and all who choose to attend them, yet they are of immense value to those seeking Self-knowledge and wishing to get a greater understanding of Ramana’s path of self-enquiry, the quest ‘Who am I?’

Atma Vichara – Self enquiry for Self-Knowledge – Level 1

A two day practical interactive workshop

Conceived and Presented by Ramana Maharshi Centre for Learning, Bangalore

Why self-enquiry?

  • When was the last time you were completely happy, with nothing casting a shadow on your happiness?
  • Is your peace brittle?
  • Are you afraid of facing yourself? Are you afraid of others?
  • Do you really know that power which enables you to do everything that you do?
  • Is your own mind a stranger to you?

Discover the power of enquiry to transform your lives, to cut away your littleness, your fears and anxieties and get re-established in natural peace.

Come explore, bask in the warmth of knowledge about the inner consciousness. Discover that source of joy which remains unchanging despite any circumstance, take a walk alongside those who have soaked themselves in the wondrous vigilance of self-enquiry and are tasting its fruits in abundance. Seek, question, draw inspirations that you can apply in your daily lives.

Awaken your potential to rediscover the hidden power within you and be established in spontaneous peace and joy.

Module :

  • Insights
  • Activities
  • Interactive sessions
  • Discussions
  • Practice Sessions

Key areas of focus :

  • Natural Happiness
  • What is our full potential?
  • Understanding the mind
  • Reconnecting to the source of the mind’s power
  • Solution to all Problems

The Take Home

Ramana’s teaching is absolutely simple and direct and can be understood by reading and putting into practice any of his works. At the same time it is found to be of immense help to seekers on the path to get insights from fellow travelers and especially those who have dedicated themselves fully to the pursuit. There are many subtle nuances in understanding that come to light during these workshops. It is also found that such a sharing brings new revelations and the inner strength to hold on to the path.

Workshop Schedule

Annual workshops are presently conducted in English and Kannada at Bangalore and in Tamil at Madurai. These are 2-day practical interactive workshops on “Self Enquiry for Self Knowledge” and for those who have already attended two or more of the ‘Self-enquiry’ workshops, the Centre has also commenced in-depth workshops on ‘Self-enquiry level 2’ and further on Ramana’s work ‘Upadesa Saram’ which will be conducted in 3 levels.

From the year 2017 residential workshops have been commenced at Tiruvannamalai which are held 5 times in a year in the months of February, June, September, October/November and December

Tiruvannamalai Workshops :

  • Workshops at Tiruvannamalai are residential, two-day workshops.
  • The medium of the workshop is primarily English along with Kannada and/or Tamil to suit the needs of the participants.
  • The workshop includes one evening spent at Sri Ramanasramam.
  • The workshop also includes a girivalam/giri pradakshina (circumambulation of Arunachala), which is optional for participants.
  • Simple accommodation is provided to the participants at a facility 5 kms from Sri Ramanasramam which has been dedicated for this purpose.
  • No course fee is charged for these workshops. Donations are welcome.
  • Those wishing to travel with the faculty and team members from Bangalore may do so for a fee of Rs.1000/- subject to availability of space in the van from Bangalore.
  • Participants not travelling with the team and those from places other than Bangalore would be required to come and join on their own on the night prior to the start of the workshop and may leave on the evening of the second day at 5.00 p.m. or on the morning after the two day workshop.

Workshop Schedule 2018

(Dates of Bangalore and Madurai Workshops are confirmed. For other workshops kindly re-confirm the dates)

Bangalore :

Self-enquiry (Level 1) - English
24th and 25th of June (Saturday and Sunday)
Self-enquiry (Level 1) - Kannada
7th and 8th of April (Saturday and Sunday)
18th and 19th of August (Saturday and Sunday)

Chennai :

Self-enquiry (Level 2) - English
March 24th, 25th (Saturday, Sunday)
Self-enquiry (Level 1) - English
August 25th, 26th (Saturday, Sunday)

Tiruvannamalai :

Upadesa Saram (Level 1)
June 8th and 9th 2018 (Friday and Saturday)
Self-enquiry (Level 1)
September 1st and 2nd 2018 (Saturday and Sunday)
Self-enquiry (Level 2)
October 27th, 28th (Saturday and Sunday)
Upadesa Saram (Level 2)
December 22nd, 23rd

Madurai :

Self-enquiry (Level 2) - Tamil
July 16th, 17th (Monday, Tuesday)

Invite us for a Workshop :

Module and Requirements :
  1. Maximum number of participants for ‘Self-enquiry Level 1’ Workshop – 36 participants
  2. Space requirements – A Hall to comfortably seat 35 to 40 (including the faculty members)
  3. 2 or 3 Ante-rooms/ smaller halls for holding interactive sessions with sections of the participants. (In case the main hall is fairly big – 30 ft or more – these sessions could be held in the same hall but ideally 2 or 3 additional spaces would be conducive for the sessions especially on day 2 of the workshop).
  4. Other requirements - Audio system with 3/4 microphones, LCD Projector and Screen, White Board and stand with pen and eraser.
  5. There are two tea/coffee breaks and one lunch in the workshop schedule.
Note: The costing of the workshop and details of registration fee structures can be decided upon after a discussion with the coordinator of workshops, RMCL.
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