Ramana Sangitam

People in the land he placed And in Friendship the good life, In destruction a new creation And in kinship lastingness. Music he placed in peotry And for those who sing, grace, Lord Venkata, the exalted one who placed in freedom bliss.

- Muruganar

‘Ramana Sangitam’ includes Karnatik classical concerts of Ramananjali and group classical presentations like the Ramana Pada Pancharatnam (the Ramana Pancharatna Kritis), Tiruvembavai, Ramana Sangita Paddhati and other musical features.

Ramana Sangitam Concerts

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Ramananjali covers all genres of Indian music. For purposes of easier understanding, those compositions in Ramananajali which are purely in the Karnatik classical tradition and eminently suited to being rendered in a Karnatik classical concert have been classified under ‘Ramana Sangitam’. While the whole body of music is included under the name ‘Ramananjali’, the emphasis here is on those compositions which are in the purely classical genre.

One may wonder ‘Why the special place for Karnatik Classical style in Ramananjali?’

This is a highly systematized music form based on scientific and intuitive understanding of the principles of sound and having Self-Knowledge as its supreme goal. There is a special place for Karnatik Classical style in Ramananjali as the unfathomable grace of Bhagavan Ramana has brought forth the entire gamut of this format in Ramana Sangitam.

19 Sudha Raghunathan 1
Sudha Raghunathan
02 ramana sangitam
Ramana Sangitam
05 Dandapani Oduvar
Dandapani Oduvar
13 HKN and RKB

Swaravalis with Bhagavan Ramana’s ‘Arunachala Aksharamana Malai’ – a most subtle and potent mantra - making it available in a simple format even to beginners of Karnatic Music.

Alankaras embedded with Muruganar’s ‘Ramana Sannidhi Murai’.


Simple Swarajathis

Major Swarajathis

Tana Varnams

Major Kritis (both in janya ragas and covering 23 melakarthas)

Raga – tala – graha bheda Kruthi (Appalam song in Tamil)

Pada Varnams

Ata Tala Varnams

Daru Varnam

Simple Kritis


What are the varieties of compositions that are available in Ramana Sangitam as ‘tukkudas’ or small pieces?

The varieties of ‘tukkudas’ in Ramana Sangitam are

Tamil Pann

Light classical songs


Tiruppugazh (22)

Tiruvembavai (47)

Hindi bhajans


Kavadi Chindu

Thillanas (40)

Mangalams (10)

What are the special classical compositions in Ramana Sangitam?

Ramana Pada Pancharatnam (Five new Kritis in the Ghana ragas on the exact lines of Thyagaraja Pancharatnam, taken from Siva Prakasam Pillai’s ‘Pada Malai’ having extremely powerful lyrics and the ability to draw everyone to it. Performed annually in Bhagavan’s Aradhana Celebrations at the Ramana Shrine, Bangalore, at different Ramana Kendras and the day after Aradhana at Bhagavan’s Shrine of Grace, the Ramaneswara Temple in Tiruvannamalai.

Dasa Ghana Raga songs

Ramana Vara Tudi (for the seven days of the week)

Special Ragamalikas

▪ On Bhagavan’s life, using alternating Shuddha Madhyama and Prati Madhyama Ragas.
▪ Appalam song in Telugu – using only Audava (five swara) ragas – alternating Panchama and Pachama Varga Ragas.

What are the Classical compositions available in Ramana Sangitam that could be used for Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi?

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