English Publications

Life/ Biography/ Reminiscences/ with teachings
Timeless in Time ( A Complete Biography of Sri Ramana Maharshi with teachings)
Sri Ramana Maharshi (Brief biography with teachings)
Bhagavan Ramana & Mother
The Guru & the Disciple
Advent of Bhagavan Ramana
Western Seekers on Sri Ramana Maharshi
Illustrated Stories
Living with Ramana Maharshi
Unforgettable Years
Ramana's Muruganar
Inner Circle
First Meetings With Ramana Maharshi
Photo books - Deluxe editions
Mother Azhagammal - A Saga of Enlightenment
Arunachala From Rigveda to Ramana Maharshi
Bathing in the Divine Presence (A Photographic Presentation of Sri Ramana Maharshi)
Radiance of the Self (Photographic Presentation of Sri Ramana Maharshi)
Arunachala from Rigveda to Ramana Maharshi (Economy Edition)
Purushottama Ramana
Mother Azhagammal – A Saga of Enlightenment (Economy Edition)
His Holiness Chandrashekhara Bharati Mahaswamin (A pictorial biography and teachings)
His Holiness Chandrashekhara Bharati Mahaswamin (A pictorial biography)
Teachings of Ramana Maharshi - In His Own Words
Know Yourself
Sayings of Sri Ramana Maharshi
Absolute Consciousness
More Talks (With Ramana Maharshi)
Years in the Presence of Ramana My Master
Ramana Maharshi's works -Translations-Commentaries
Self Abidance (Sat Darshanam)
Eka Sloki
Essence of Enquiry – Vichara Sangraham ( A Commentary)
Teachings of Ramana Maharshi (An Anthology)
Upadeshasaram (Sanskrit Text – English Commentary)
Sat-Darshanam (Sanskrit Text – English Translation & Commentary)
Ramana Gita (Selections)
Ramana Gita (Dialogues)
Teachings - In His Own Words - Pocket Books
The Direct Path
Ramana Maharshi Answers 100 Questions
More Doubts and 100 More Answers
Self Enquiry? 1900-1935 (Bhagavan Ramana Answers)
Self Enquiry? 1936-1950 (Bhagavan Ramana Answers)
Bhagavan Ramana Answers 100 Frequently Asked Questions
Spiritual Heart – Bhagavan Ramana Answers
Birth, Rebirth & Freedom – Bhagavan Ramana Answers
Know Your Ramana Way – Understanding the Mind
Karma Marga (In Bhagavan Ramana's Own Words)
Bhakti Marga and Yoga Marga (In Bhagavan Ramana's Own Words)
Jnana Marga (In Bhagavan Ramana's Own Words)
Quotable Quotes (Day by Day with Bhagavan)
Quotable Quotes (From Letters)
Daily Quotes (Talks with Ramana Maharshi)
Teachings - Meditations and Insights
Divinity Here and Now
The Hidden Power
Ramana Maharshi the Living Guru
Self Discovery
The Ramana Way to Natural Happiness
The New Dawn (Ramana Way)
Holistic Meditation – The Straight Path
Surging Joy
The Wonderous Vigilance
Forever is in the now
Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi – The Resplendent Sun (Angles of Vision)
Ramana Way In Search Of Self
The Silent Mind
Self-Knowledge Through Self-Enquiry
Ramana Thatha
The Book of Daily Worship
Jagadguru Sri Chandrasekhara Bharati (Mystic & Seer)
Non-Dual Consciousness (Sri Ramana Anubuti)
Ramana Deva Malai Ramana Puranam
Sri Ramana Sahasranama Stuti
Tripura Rahasyam (Original Text in Samskrta with Translation and Notes)
Ramana Maharshi's Miracles (They Happen Everyday)
The Continuing Story
Bhagavan Ramana – The Extravagant Boon Giver
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