RMCL Publications Division was one of the early birds in contributing to growth of Ramana Literature. This Division dates back to the year 1979, when our former president Sri A.R. Natarajan came up with the publication of his first books “Bhagavan Ramana and Mother” and “Sat Darshanam”.
Today RMCL carries more than one hundred fifty (150) titles, about

  • Seventy six (76) titles in English.
  • Twenty Two (22) titles in Kannada
  • Twenty Four (24) titles in Telugu
  • Thirty Four (34) titles in Tamil
  • Three (3) titles in Hindi
These titles include important contributions to the Biography (Life) of Ramana, Reminisences, Teachings, Ramana's Original words in selections and compilations, translations and commentaries, a few exclusive Photo books, Pocket Books with Quotes, insights into and meditations on Ramana teachings with reference to their practice and application in daily life, Ramana Music books, Children’s books and other publications on Ramana's devotees and great Spiritual Seers of India.

Some of the popular titles include ‘Timeless in Time’ (a comprehensive biography by Sri A.R.Natarajan), Arunachala from Rigveda to Ramana Maharshi (a photo book with more than 1000 pictures), Mother Azhagammal – A Saga of Enlightenment, Know Yourself, Sri Ramana Maharshi (a primer for students and an insightful introduction to Ramana), Forever is in Now, The Resplendent Sun and Ramana Thatha.

The contributions to this yeoman effort has come from A.R. Natarajan, Dr.Sarada, G. Kameshwar, Sanjay Lohia, Master I.M. Nome, V.Ganesan, C. Sudarshanam, N.N. Rajan, Grace J. Mc Martin, Dr. S. Ramaswamy, Robert Butler and Samvid.

RMCL has published numerous translations and trans-creations of popular English titles into Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. In 1981, the first translation work was embarked upon with the translation and publication of ‘Letters from Sri Ramanansramam’ into Kannada as ‘Sri Ramanasramada Patragalu’. These contributions have come from eminent translators:
Dr. K. Shivaram Karanth, Swami Virajananda, Dr. A.S. Venugopal Rao, Sri B.S. Krishnamurthy, Sri. H. A. Shankarnarayan
Sri Chikkala Krishna Rao, Ms. Vishalakshi Bhaskar, Sri. J. H.B. Acharya, Ms. Rajalakshmi, Sada Sri Ramananugraham
Dr. T. N. Pranatarthi Haran, Ra Ganapathi, Raj Kumar Bharathi, Smt.Sulochana Natarajan
Vinay Kumar Vaidya

Monthly Journal

RMCL’s monthly journal ‘The Ramana Way’ is an important contribution from the Centre to all aspirants on the path of Self-Knowledge as well to devotees of Ramana. It is solely dedicated to writings on the life and teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi.

The journal of about 50 – 60 pages carries a wide range of articles pertaining to practice of the teachings in the context of modern life in order to experience the fullness of peace and happiness that is natural. There are features covering personal experiences, reminiscences, translations and commentaries on works by and on Ramana as well as biographical-fiction. The journal has a separate section for women and one for youth and children as well. Events and activities of the Centre are also covered making the magazine an important link between the Centre and the world at large.

The journal has been in circulation for three decades with close to three thousand five hundred (3500) subscribers in India and U.S.A., Australia, Kenya, UAE, UK, Mauritius, Netherlands, Philippines, Italy, etc.

The Ramana Way has a wide readership including businessman, professionals, religious institutions and libraries. The editor of the magazine is our president Dr. Sarada Natarajan, Associate Editor is G. Kameshwar and the Managing Editor is Revathi Sankar.

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