Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi - An answer to today's urgent need

Who or what is Ramana? Ramana is the embodiment of Self-knowledge, the epitome of Peace and Love. He is the messenger of Natural Happiness.

To the modern day individual swirled around by the burning winds of hectic ambition and stressful loneliness, Ramana rises as the mighty oasis of absolute freedom and the fullness of Absolute Consciousness. Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, hailed by Carl Jung as the ‘whitest spot on a white space’, is the essence of Indian Heritage encapsulated as a befitting medicine for the malady of the modern man.

He is an inspiration and guiding light to practically every spiritual teacher of today’s India and the world. The simple, direct path of self-enquiry that he reveals with utmost clarity allows an aspirant to practice it right in the midst of the busy din of daily life. Indeed it has been discovered by the practitioners of the path that they emerge better and harmonious individuals in every sense of the term even along the way. The quality of their lives undergoes a subtle yet amazing transformation. They are filled as Ramana himself assures, with an unconscious power to deal with people and events. A heightened vigilance to their own self and an awakening to the non-duality of Existence makes them more sensitive to every living being. For Ramana’s teaching includes and transcends, most importantly there is an uncompromising insistence on the supremacy of Self-knowledge and its availability to each and everyone. Herein all the traditional paths to Self-knowledge, the karma, yoga, bhakti and jnana marga coalesce and find their union in the Heart – based life that the Maharshi’s teachings guide one to.

Radiating the energy and silence of the Self from his eyes, the natural comfort of belonging in his gentle smile and the utter simplicity of the ultimate truth in his entire body, clad only in white loin cloth, Ramana beckons every one who is haunted by any form of suffering into his universal embrace, throwing open to them the secret medicine of the Magic Mountain, the Hill of Knowledge, Arunachala.
Born on December 30, 1879 at Tiruchuzhi in Tamilnadu to Sundaram Iyer and Azhagammal, who were pillars of Dharma, goodness and righteousness, Venkataraman, as Ramana was named, enacted the drama of death as a boy of 16   in Madurai, in the temple town of Goddess Meenakshi. Facing and conquering death on the 17th of July 1896, he was born anew in the firm knowledge that he is in truth the deathless current, the force that includes and transcends the body.
He became an enlightened sage of steady wisdom, a ‘sahaja nishta’. Arriving at Arunachala on the 1st of September 1896, he remained there for the 54 years of spiritual ministration, unparalleled in spiritual history, including in his ambit not only every human without distinctions of any kind but also every manner of living being.

His presence is available at all times now as then most potently at his Samadhi shrine at Sri Ramanasramam, Tiruvannamalai, and at every place where his teachings are practiced and his life meditated upon.

Books on Ramana Maharshi’s life published by RMCL

Life/ Biography/ Reminiscences
  • Timeless in Time (A Complete Biography of Sri Ramana Maharshi with teachings) by Sri A.R.Natarajan
    (English and Tamil)
  • Sri Ramana Maharshi (Brief biography with teachings) by Sri A.R.Natarajan and Dr.Sarada
    (English, Tamil and Kannada)
  • Bhagavan Ramana & Mother by Sri A.R.Natarajan
    (English, Tamil and Kannada)
  • The Guru & the Disciple by Dr.S.Ramaswamy
  • Advent of Bhagavan Ramana by Shuddhananda Bharati, translation by A.R.Natarajan
  • Western Seekers on Sri Ramana Maharshi edited by Sri A.R.Natarajan
  • Unforgettable Years edited by Sri A.R.Natarajan
  • Inner Circle edited by Sri A.R.Natarajan
  • Children’s Books
    Illustrated Stories edited by Sri A.R.Natarajan
    (English, Tamil and Telugu)
  • Ramana Thatha – Grandfather Ramana by Dr.Sarada
    (English, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada)
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Dance ballets on the life of Sri Ramana Maharshi – DVDs
  • Siva Shakti Leelai – Aksharamanamalai
    (Tamil, Kannada)
  • Ramana Prabha
    (Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi)
  • Arunachala Ramana
    (Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi)
  • Sri Ramana Leela
    (Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi)
  • Ramana Vijaya
    (Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi)
  • Jnana Neri, Anaittuyirin Mozhi
  • Jnana Pravaaha, Sakala Jeeva Veda
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