• Mekhri Circle: Ramana Maharshi Shrine and Meditation Hall
  • Sanjaynagar: Ramana Maharshi Heritage Auditorium
  • Padmanabhanagar: Ramana Maharshi Satsang and Self-enquiry Centre
  • Rajarajeswarinagar: Ramana Maharshi Satsang Centre

Padmanabhanagar – South Bangalore Centre

A space has been dedicated to RMCL at South Bangalore, Padmanabhanagar by Smt.Usha Nandakumar and Sri N.Nandakumar. Satsang with self-enquiry is held there on Thursdays and Saturdays.
Contact: 080-42094073

Nandakumarji has been associated with RMCL for more than a decade now as the Director of our South Bangalore Centre. RMCL has been holding special two day workshops on self-enquiry for the past more than 25 years in Bangalore, Madurai, Chennai and other cities in India. Recently a facility has been inaugurated at Tiruvannamalai where 4 residential workshops were held last year. Nandakumarji has been the senior faculty in all the workshops of RMCL for the past decade as he has dedicated his life to sharing the glory of self-enquiry having richly experienced for himself the immeasurable benefits of the path of Sri Ramana.

Here at RMCL, we have found his inputs and sharings on self-enquiry of great value in giving us deeper clarity and steadfastness in our practice of self-enquiry. His sadhana has led him through in- depth study and practise of other philosophies as a culmination of which he has been led to self- enquiry. He also has a wide knowledge about the relationship of present day experiments and findings in the field of science that have a bearing on our understanding of Self-knowledge and self- enquiry.

An interaction with Nandakumarji would be of great value to any seeker of truth and in particular to those wishing to get a greater understanding of the essential teachings of Ramana Maharshi.

Rajarajeswarinagar – West Bangalore

Satsang is held by Sri Chandrashekar every Thursday with chanting, reading, bhajans and puja. Special celebrations are held twice a year on the occasions of Bhagavan Ramana’s Aradhana and Jayanthi.
Contact: 9448839594

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