Spaces – Shrine, Auditorium, Studios

Ramana Maharshi Centre for Learning has constructed and maintains two major spaces in Bangalore. One is the Ramana Maharshi Meditation Hall and Shrine near Mekhri Circle on what is now called the Ramana Maharshi Road. Here daily puja, weekly satsangs and monthly programs are held. The other is the Ramana Maharshi Heritage Campus on Post Office Road, Sanjaynagar. This campus houses a 400 seat Auditorium, three Mini Halls (Studios), a small library and a small Meditation Hall. Programs are conducted from time to time in the Auditorium and bi-weekly meditation classes are held in the Meditation Hall. The campus also contains the administrative office of RMCL, the publications, audio/video divisions and the education division where courses in Karnatik Music, Bharatanatyam and Yoga are conducted.

Special puja services

A special option to offer Puja and all other services at the Meditation Hall and Shrine for a day

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Those who wish to could avail of Special Puja and Satsang services at Shrine – Mekhri Circle.

They could also avail of the spaces at Ramana Heritage campus: Auditorium/Mini Halls (Studios) for cultural or educational events – Sanjaynagar


Ramana Maharshi Shrine, Auditorium and Studios can be ultilized for cultural programs corporate functions etc at a nominal cost

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Performances - Ballet, Classical dance, Musical Feature, Ramananjali

In the dance stream RMCL has an excellent dance troupe who perform classical dance (Bharatanatyam) as a group and as duets and solos. The troupe also has expertise and wide experience in thematic presentations and dance dramas. The Centre has a children’s performing wing as well.

Book a performance of Ramana Music : Musical Feature/Bhajans/Classical/RamananjaliM

Book a performance of Dance : Bharatanatyam solo/duet/group, Thematic presentations, Dance Ballets, Mega productions, Children’s productions

Performances Booking

If you're interested in organising a show by our international dance ballet/ music troupe

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Satsangs - Bhajans, Talks, Chanting, Puja

Ramana Maharshi Centre for Learning conducts satsangs every week at the Ramana Maharshi Meditation Hall and Shrine which includes chanting, devotional music, talks and pujas. These are centred round the life and teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi.

Members of the Centre have felt it to be auspicious to have a satsang in their home or as a part of special events in their family like the first birthday, house-warming and so on. Sometimes a satsang is held when someone in the family is in bed and is unable to make it physically to the Ramana Shrine. Whatever the context, the satsang ushers in the aura of peace and true well being.

You may avail of the above service at the Ramana Centre or at your home.

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Satsang ushers in the aura of peace and true well being

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Workshops – Self-enquiry Workshop, Upadesa Saram Workshop, Seminar

RMCL has been holding workshops on self-enquiry for the past more than 25 years and has held more than 100 workshops so far. These workshops include in-depth insights into the practice of self-enquiry along with interactive and practical sessions.

Recently the Centre has a facility at Tiruvannamalai where workshops are conducted on a regular basis.
Participate in our existing workshops or engage our services to conduct a two day workshop/seminar on self-enquiry, Upadesa Saram or other aspects of Ramana Maharshi’s life and teachings. Languages – English, Kannada, Tamil read more..

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Workshop can be conducted in Bnagalore, Chennai and Triruvannamalai

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Cultural Education (Ramana Music/Dance) – Courses, Camps, Workshops

RMCL has developed a new repertoire in Bharatanatyam, Classical and Devotional Music specially designed for beginners which gives them a simpler way to relate to various aspects of theoretical understanding. It also gives them a deeper connect with the essence and purpose of Indian Heritage from the very outset.

Unique courses in Ramana Music and Ramana Dance repertoire in Bharatanatyam and Karnatik music are also available for seniors.

Cultural education services

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A school can engage our services for a year long course in value based cultural education which will include inputs in music, dance and drama under the project RAISE - Ramana Art Form Initiatives for Self-awareness and Excellence read more..

Support a child education

RAISE is a special project of the Centre reaching out to nearly 1000 underprivileged children to inculcate Self-Awareness and Excellence through value based cultural inputs.

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